Ziploc’s ‘Too Much Stuff Not Enough Space’ commercial 

Ziploc’s Too Much Stuff Not Enough Space commercial is a how-to video which was summarised in a succinct narrative using the trope of a housewife.

A YouTuber took to YouTube on Thursday, March 2015 and posted one of Ziploc’s Too Much Stuff Not Enough Space commercials. The premise of the commercial is a housewife showcasing how the Space Bag not only doubled but tripled her storage space. The commercial uses the voice of the unidentified woman as the voice over too when it cuts to demonstrations of the effectiveness of the Space Bags. The advertising agencies that worked on the series of Too Much Stuff Not Enough Space commercial series were Initiative Agency and the PHD Chicago agency.

On the matter of whether or not the commercial was a success; the short answer is yes. The commercial not only functions as a promotional tool, but it also serves the function of being a “how-to-use the Space Bag” demonstration. This is as the commercial spawned numerous reaction and demonstration videos of “real” people using the product and sharing similar sentiments as shared in the video. Therefore, the success of the commercial is the fact that it did not try and oversell a very practical product, but it did show it off.

Watch Ziploc’s Too Much Stuff Not Enough Space commercial below.