Why would someone pay over 5 million dollars on a marketing campaign?

Companies are reported to have paid about $5.6 million to secure ad space during the Super Bowl LV, in the hopes of making the money back through revenue prompted by the commercials.

Discussing how much is needed to create a successful marketing campaign is like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” However, when discussing a marketing campaign targeted specifically for the Super Bowl audience, then $5 million would be the bare minimum. This article will expand on the costs of securing an advertising spot during the biggest night for television commercials. Secondly, this article will also discuss one of the priciest commercials ever shot for the Super Bowl, as a way to establish that $5 million is just the bare minimum.

This year, it was reported that networks such as CBS and Fox charged an average of $5.5 million for those looking to secure advertising spots on the channels. The price reportedly did not significantly change from the set price of the 2020 Super Bowl, due to the pandemic. Last year, it was reported that the bidding price for ad spots started at $5.5 million for the two networks.

This year, Fox reportedly upped the reported bidding price from $5.5 million to $5.6 million for a 30-second commercial. The sum is considerable, considering that a longer commercial was at a higher rate. However, the priciest Super Bowl commercial to make reportedly cost $18 million. The said commercial is the 2018 Amazon Super Bowl commercial, which stars rapper and businesswoman, Cardi B.

The commercial sees Alexa losing her voice, prompting the company to find substitutes while looking to resolve the matter. The celebrities that star in the commercial are Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins, Rebel Wilson, and Gordon Ramsay, who all act as Alexa’s substitutes as some point. Each celebrity has to answer to a question that is posed to Alexa, which relates to their respective professions and personas.

Watch the commercial below.