Why is Jake from State Farm Black now?

Jake from State Farm’s surprise change took place last year, but the insurance company has not provided a reason for introducing the new Jake from State Farm yet.

The original Jake from State Farm was introduced back in 2010 through a comical commercial by the insurance company. The commercial features a husband on the telephone with Jake from State Farm in the early hours of the morning. The husband is then caught by his suspicious wife, who believes that he is having an affair.

In order to verify whether her husband is being unfaithful, the wife asks the person on the other end of the line what they are wearing. The commercial then cuts to Jake from State Farm in the office, fully dressed in his uniform, as he explains that he is wearing khakis. This was the introductory commercial to Jake from State Farm, who, at the time, was White.

However, last year, State Farm shocked clients and audiences by remaking the same commercial, but this time, to introduce another Jake from State Farm consultant. The new Jake that was introduced was nothing like the “original” Jake from State Farm. The new Jake was muscular, good-looking and of a different race. However, the commercial went on to pay homage to the original Jake from State Farm, who has not been featured in subsequent commercials thus far.

The latest commercial is relatively similar to the original one, with the only difference being the plot twist. At the end of the commercial, the camera cuts to the State Farm call centre and showcases the new Jake from State Farm asking the original Jake from State Farm if its normal for clients to ask what he is wearing. The original Jake responds in the affirmative, and the new Jake from State Farm believes him.

The reason for the change has not been discussed by State Farm in detail yet. Some believe that it may be because of the socio-political climate of the world currently, and the need to be more inclusive.

Watch the commercial below.