Why has Sibros partnered with Sono Motors?

Sibros and Sono Motors have partnered together to deliver an electric vehicle that reportedly uses modern technology that is accessible.

On Monday, 19 July 2021, tech company, Sibros, and German automaker, Sono Motors, announced their collaboration. The collaboration will reportedly lead to Sono using connected software-based technology to manage its entire fleet of solar electric Sion vehicles.

According to reports, automakers are rushing to partner with Sibros because of the company’s Deep Connected Platform, a firmware service that makes it possible for an automaker to provide over-the-air software updates to the vehicle’s system, getting them to work together.

Furthermore, the platform reportedly handles software that enables over-the-air software and configuration updates. It also reportedly collects high-quality, event-driven data from the vehicle and transmits user-facing diagnostic commands that help service engineers fix and repair a technical issue. This all-inclusive over-the-air management is reportedly exactly what Sono’s leaders envisioned when they partnered with Sibros.

Moreover, Johannes Buckle, the Head of Digital Product at Sono Motors, stated that what convinced Sono Motors to collaborate with Sibros is their holistic approach to automaking that enabled Sono Motors to concentrate on delivering commendable digital experiences without worrying about anything else. According to Hemant Sikaria, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of Sibros, Sono Motors is a natural fit with the company because of its electrical architecture.

The two companies are planning to launch the Sion, a self-charging electric car, in 2023. The car is reportedly a unique vehicle that is powered by an electric battery with a range that can be expanded through solar cells that are integrated into the car’s outer skin. The idea behind the vehicle is to reportedly make electric vehicles accessible to the masses, by using agreeable infrastructure.

Lastly, Jona Christians, the CEO of Sono, reportedly claimed that the objective is for the Sion to be used more than just 5 percent of the time.