Why do commercials randomly use iPhone ringtones in it, especially when it has nothing to do with the phone itself?

Apple has positioned itself as more than just a technology company, as it is now considered a way of living; therefore, being linked to Apple is believed to elevate associated brands.

Apple and its products are promoted and marketed not only as devices of necessity, but also products that indicate the consumer’s lifestyle. This is part of the marketing strategy that Apple has perfected over the years, which is not necessarily selling products, but a lifestyle instead.

This is seen in the manner in which Apple products are differentiated from other technology devices and brands. When one loses an Apple product, it is common to specifically state whether it is an iPhone, iPad or Macbook that has gone missing. This is unlike with other devices and brands, where one simply states what has gone missing without an association to a specific brand.

Similarly, with advertising, some commercials use Apple and iPhone iconography in non-Apple-related commercials to suggest its target market. Moreover, Apple products could be devoid of the branding but still be recognisable because of the features. Therefore, some non-Apple commercials use iPhones to suggest that their brand is on par with Apple.