Why did Wingstop change their name?

Wingstop has not changed its name, but it has launched a Thighstop range to address the chicken wing shortage in the country.

On Tuesday, 22 June 2021, Wingstop took to Instagram to announce its latest product line range, the Thighstop. The Thighstop is the limited range of thighs sold by Wingstop, and has been fronted by rapper-turned-businessman, Rick Ross. Ross introduced the new line in a comical commercial.

For the past few months, there have been reports of a chicken wing shortage, yet, the matter has not garnered much attention on the front end of the customer service line. However, it seems that the matter has begun to affect restaurants and fast food chains which specialise in chicken wings. Therefore, the decision to introduce the Thighstop range is an initiative by Wingstop to curb the demand for chicken wings.

The promotional commercial for  Thighstop confirmed the aforementioned as the reason behind the initiative. However, Wingstop has not officially changed its name in light of the shortage, but has done so as part of the promotional campaign. More than temporarily changing the front end name of the company, Wingstop also launched the product range with the thighs being available as either boneless or with bones. Additionally, the thighs are now available for delivery via DoorDash, following the announcement.

The focus of the company is to advance thighs as a conventional replacement for chicken wings. It is still unclear whether the strategy has been effective, considering that just a week has passed since the launch. Moreover, with no projected timeline for the decline in the availability of chicken wings in the US, the company would need to find another product line to launch, should the thighs not be successful. This could further negatively impact the brand, as it continues to dilute its original offering.