Why did the Peloton commercial go viral?

Peloton was at the centre of controversy after releasing a commercial of a woman being elated at receiving one of the brand’s bikes as a gift, as some questioned its messaging.

In 2019, Peloton released a commercial that firmly placed it in the spotlight. The company released a 30-second commercial of a husband gifting his wife with a Peloton bicycle. In the commercial, the wife is elated and commits to a year of rigorous classes with the Peloton team.

The commercial is then revealed as a video created by the wife to thank the husband for her life-changing gift. The commercial sparked controversy for a variety of reasons, however, the main reason it went viral was that it was supposedly sexist.

Seeing the wife’s elation at the fact that her husband had given her an exercising bike led to several questions. Some questioned its plausibility, whilst other raised concerns over its subliminal meaning and why the husband does not participate in her regiment. The aforementioned was the biggest reason for the commercial’s topicality, however, its price also fuelled the controversy.