Why did The Home Depot stop selling Purdy paintbrushes?

The largest home improvement supplier in the US has discontinued the sale of its famous Purdy brushes.

The Home Depot is the largest home improvement supplier in the US, and has been providing American families with the best tools, knowledge and services needed to create the home of their dreams. The major success of Home Depot is owed to the co-founders, Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus, who “started their business after they were fired from Handy Dan Home Improvement, a regional company in Southern California.” In 1978, Blank and Marcus dreamt up the idea of The Home Depot from a coffee shop in LA.

The “passionate DIYers had a vision of a superstore that would offer a variety of home improvement supplies at affordable prices and also have highly trained employees that would not only be able to sell products, but they would also advise customers on their home repair projects”.

Amongst many of the affordable products sold at The Home Depot was the Purdy brush, one of the most popular paintbrush brands to date. Consumers found that this brand of brushes provided a “great amount of control and a guarantee of quality” when it comes to painting one’s dream home.

The discontinuation of this handy tool has left many consumers baffled and asking the question, “Why did The Home Depot stop selling Purdy paintbrushes?”

It is no surprise that the largest home supplier of repair and DIY tools is constantly introducing its customers to the newest, versatile, and most affordable brands, resulting in the discontinuation of the Purdy brush. Despite its excellent quality, the increase in brush competitors in the market today has many opting for the latest brush models that offer more than just quality and control.