Why did Sensaria go out of business?

Sensaria, the direct seller of spa products for home use, has permanently closed down its business.

Founded in 2001, Sensaria promoted its business by selling natural-based products for home use. Sensaria was built on the premise that self-care is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and that “every person deserves to use naturally-based products that promote health and individual beauty.” The products were primarily sold on the brand’s website and the business boasted thousands of representative throughout the country.

Although Sensaria delivered a promising at-home spa experience, it was a temporary success that ultimately resulted in it having to cease operations. Running a business is not for the faint-hearted and can, in many cases, be very risky.

A primary reason why businesses, much like Sensaria, fail is a lack of funding or capital. In many cases, the owner of a business is unaware of how much money is needed to keep it running on a daily basis, including employee salaries and ensuring that there is enough stock purchased.

The “lack of sales and increasing debt” was cited as the reason why Sensaria went under. Many consumers are more inclined to visit a spa for the full treatment instead of purchasing spa products. The increase in competitors and the inability to obtain adequate funding to expand on its range of products is also a major challenge.

These are a few of the reasons why Sensaria shut down operations and it is a definite example of the bitter end that many businesses are forced to endure sometimes, despite having had temporary success.