Why did Google buy Fitbit?

While the propagated reason for Google’s purchase of Fitbit is said to be the acquisition of the company’s data, it is also believed to have been a move to acquire its partnerships too.

In 2019, news of Google acquiring fitness tracing company, Fitbit, was made public. The acquisition thereof was met with scepticism. This was because business analysts had suggested that the acquisition was due to Google looking to acquire Fitbit’s consumer data. Due to the propagation of this narrative, some articles reported on a fear from consumers about their privacy details possibly being at risk.

While it is true that the acquisition by Google would provide it with Fitbit’s consumer data, it was suggested that that could not be the sole reason for the purchase. The supposition was based on the knowledge that Google already had the software and hardware to create its own version of a Fitbit. Therefore, in later writings on the matter, the suggestion was that Google was looking to acquire the partnerships that Fitbit had already established. Although Google could create its own fitness tracking gadget, it would not have Fitbit’s partnerships, therefore, the purchase solved that issue.