Why did Google ban Parler?

Parler was not only banned by Google, but also by multiple platforms and app stores because of its unfiltered posts, which some believed incited violence.

In January 2021, contentious social media platform, Parler, was banned from multiple platforms and app stores. The social media platform was said to have been popular amongst social media users that were banned for their comments or posts on platforms like Twitter.

Parler’s marketing strategy for acquiring users was through the use of positioning the platform as “unbiased.” Eventually, considering the demographic, the platform became a site which perpetuated hate speech and some posts were believed to incite violence.

Due to the policy of the social media platform, it could not ban or block those using it to express themselves, as it championed free speech. Therefore, companies that did not believe in the messaging spread on Parler opted to ban it from their platforms and app stores, so that their users would not engage with the content. Moreover, the decision cemented the ethos of the companies that banned Parler.