Why did Famous Dave’s close in Rogers AR?

Famous Dave’s, a chain of barbecue restaurants in the US, has terminated its operations in Rogers AR.

Famous Dave’s is a legendary restaurant chain located in the US which offers its customers the best barbeque experience with a variety of dishes. These include pork ribs, chicken, beef, brisket, and several flavours sauces that have many US consumers wanting more.

The success of Famous Dave’s is owed to its founder, Dave Anderson, whose passion for barbeque and ribs began as a young boy “when his father would bring home ribs – the best tasting and smoked spareribs from street vendors.” Anderson spent 25 years searching for the perfect barbeque joint, only to end up starting his restaurant in 1994.

He purchased a small resort on Big Round Lake in Hayward, Wisconsin and built the first Famous Dave’s barbeque shack. It was a major success for the owner, serving as many as a thousand customers in a single night. Dave became a sensation and was recognized as “the authority on the art of cooking with smoke and flame.”

However, the success of Famous Dave’s BBQ came to an abrupt halt following the closure of many of its locations, including the restaurant in Rogers AR. The CFO, Dexter Newton attributed the closure to many underperforming locations. The lack of profit generated by the restaurant has also resulted in the loss of locations.

Consumer trends have also changed, as many customers are less likely to dine in at a restaurant and are more interested in getting their food to go. The increase in fast food competitors has also resulted in the loss of business. These are just a few of the reasons why Famous Dave’s closed its location in Rogers AR.