Why did Estée Lauder discontinue Dazzling Gold?

Multinational makeup company, Estée Lauder, has discontinued the sale of its Dazzling Gold perfume, a move which has left many of its consumers baffled. 

Estée Lauder is an American multinational manufacturer that has provided consumers with a range  of high-end skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products over the years. The company owns a diverse number of brands that are distributed internationally through both e-commerce and various retail stores.

The  Estée Lauder products were created by the founder, Mrs Estée Lauder in 1946, who started her business with few skincare products and an idea that all women can be beautiful. It is her philosophy, creativity and passion that has led to its fame, fortune, and success. The brand has inspired many women since its inception.

Today, the Estée Lauder cosmetic empire engages with women in more than 150 countries – both in stores and online – and has partnered with several famous female celebrities to promote its diverse beauty and skincare ranges. Although the company has made a positive mark in the beauty industry with diverse, great quality and affordable products for women and men, the company has had to remove many of its products from the market. This is evident in the latest discontinuation of its Dazzling Gold perfume, which had many consumers baffled.

The discontinuation of products by high-end brands like Estée Lauder is a common experience, due to a number of reasons, including the products’ lack of popularity or the need to make room for new innovations and trends. The loss of sales and profit is also another reason why beauty brands no longer promote or sell certain products, like the Dazzling Gold perfume.