Why did Amazon stop selling gift cards at Giant Eagle?

The reason Amazon stopped selling gift cards at Giant Eagle is still unknown, with the only comment from Giant Eagle on the matter being that the decision was taken by Amazon.

In 2019, Giant Eagle confirmed that it had stopped selling Amazon gift cards through a post on social media. This was after a customer had taken to Instagram to question why they could not find an Amazon gift card on their last trip to the store. Although Giant Eagle did not expand on the reason why the Amazon gift cards were discontinued from the stores, it did confirm that the decision was taken by Amazon.

The post shared by Giant Eagle read, “Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to sell Amazon gift cards in our stores after March 14, 2019. The Giant Eagle Gift Card Gallery will continue to offer numerous alternatives for purchasing goods our customers are interested in, such as gift cards for Visa, Target, eBay, Best Buy, and many more. There have been examples in the past of retailers choosing to leave the Giant Eagle Gift Card Gallery, only to return at a later point. We will continue to keep the lines of communication open, should that opportunity present itself with Amazon.”