Why did Amazon discontinue the Tap?

Amazon’s Tap was a voice-enabled speaker that was subtly discontinued, with the belief being that it was due to the company wanting to expand on Alexa-enabled third-party devices.

Amazon’s voice-enabled speaker, the Tap, was one of the most popular speakers by the brand. However, in 2020, the public was surprised as Amazon subtly begun to remove the product from the market. Before the discontinuation thereof, the Tap was only sold on Amazon’s online store.

Confusion over why Amazon had made the decision to discontinue the successful line sparked questions that were not answered by the company. However, in seeing the direction that the company is moving towards with attempting to integrate Alexa more into third-party smart devices, it is believed that that was one of the main reasons for the discontinuation of the Tap.

Analysts have since suggested that Amazon’s the Tap would not have been in alignment because it had its own voice-enabled software. Therefore, the product would not have been able to incorporate Alexa, thus being nullified for products and speakers that could.