Why did Amazon discontinue Cloud Cam?

Writings on Amazon’s Cloud Cam suggest that it was discontinued due to the competition between the product and Google’s Nest Door Cam.

Before the discontinuation of Amazon’s Cloud Cam, signs of the demise of the integrated home security system were becoming clear. Amongst other indicators, the price of the Cloud Cam dropped drastically.

Despite this, reports on the Cloud Cam continue to compare it to Google’s Nest Door Cam. The hardware of both products was comparatively similar, which perpetuated the suggestion of the continued rivalry between Amazon and Google. However, Google’s software was believed to be more popular in the market because it was more inclusive in the software it integrated with.

Another reason that was suggested for the discontinuation of Cloud Cam was that Amazon staffers were tasked with watching the footage collected of unsuspecting civilians. While the matter was never proved, the speculation worked as one of the final nails in the Cloud Cam coffin.