Why are there so many redheads in commercials?

It is believed that the popular use of red-haired women in commercials is attributed to the fantasies involving women with that hair colour, which is associated with passion and fieriness.

The common use of redheads in commercials is believed to be because of the fantasies involving women with that specific hair colour. They are often positioned as desirable in the mainstream media. The perception can be traced as far back as medieval times, when women with such hair colours were considered mythical figures with special gifts.

With this in mind, successful commercials are those that manage to strategically use stereotypes to amplify the messaging of the commercial without being offensive. This can be seen predominantly in hair product commercials from the early 2000s and late 1990s.

Think of popular commercials of the time, they promoted their products through using women with a dark hair colour, a shade of blonde, and one with a shade of ginger or red hair. Despite statistics and demographics suggesting that there are not many redheads,, as suggested by the commercials, they continue to be presented as desirable to the masses.