Why are there so many Medicare commercials?

Medicare has explained that the influx of commercials it recently released was because of the Medicare Annual Election Period, which resulted in it amplifying its marketing initiatives.

Medicare has provided a detailed explanation for the influx of Medicare-related commercials that bombarded television screens during the festive season. In November 2020, the medical aid scheme shared the results from a survey it conducted to gauge if audiences felt overwhelmed by the influx of commercials it shared. The survey did not only look at the commercials, but Medicare’s entire marketing blitz strategy.

The study revealed that 77.7 percent of the general public did feel overwhelmed by the influx of commercials. Surprisingly, 19.1 percent suggested that they were not overwhelmed, despite noticing an increase in the number of Medicare commercials. Only 3.1 percent of the respondents stated that they had not seen anything related to Medicare’s marketing blitz.

To elaborate on the marketing strategy, Medicare stated, “The Medicare Annual Election Period (also called Open Enrollment) starts on October 15 each year and ends on December 7. That means that typically, the Medicare commercials and mail start right after Labor Day, with phone calls beginning October 1. Under the Medicare guidelines, marketers cannot call or set appointments prior to October 1, but they can definitely get you ‘thinking’ about the election period.”

Additionally, the company noted, “With more than 100 000 brokers and agents certified to sell Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, that’s a lot of people trying to get your business in less than two months. (And that doesn’t include the insurance companies who also want your business.)”

Lastly, the company also encouraged clients to use the period to question and interrogate their own cover. Due to the reasons mentioned above, consultants are said to be more likely to be more helpful and give more detailed advice than any other time thereafter.