Why are there so many lawyer commercials?

The reason for the high volume of lawyer commercials on television has no set answer, but it has sparked conversation on how lawyers could go about standing out in the market.

Lawyer commercials have become a key aspect of American television commercials. It is rare for there to be a commercial break without one or more lawyers pitting their services against a competitor’s legal services. Due to the high volume of commercials of this nature, there have been questions on why there are so many lawyer commercials being broadcast. After reading up on the matter, there is still no set answer for this.

As a result of the non-definitive reasoning behind the increasing volume of lawyer commercials, discourse on the matter has shifted to focus on how to make the commercials different. In turn, this will lead to the commercials being different and interesting, as opposed to all being relatively similar. Currently, depending on the type of legal services being advertised, there is often a standard production quality and storyline detailed in the commercial.

For example, a lawyer specialising in divorces usually showcases an arguing couple, which ultimately manages to survive the divorce process through the services of the law firm. Another example may be a lawyer that deals with occupational injuries, with the commercial often featuring someone falling at work and the lawyer walking in and offering their services.

Currently, it seems that the lawyer commercials are not going to suddenly end anytime soon. Therefore, it is advised that the commercials should be a bit more original and creative in the content and storylines portrayed. Should a law firm manage to do so successfully, the company would differentiate itself from the rest and cement its position as a leading law firm.