Why are there no Chinese restaurant commercials?

There are many suggestions and speculation on the reason for the lack of Chinese restaurant commercials, however, some believe that they would be ineffective in the current market.

There are currently no commercials that promote Chinese restaurants. Primarily, the belief is that the commercials would be ineffective in the current market. The supposition is that Chinese restaurants have found alternative avenues to promote themselves. Moreover, that the avenues used by Chinese restaurants are cheaper than the traditional marketing tactics.

However, more academic approaches to the question have suggested that the matter of representation is the biggest reason for there being a lack of Chinese restaurant commercials. The discussion has raised questions on how an advertising agency would market a Chinese restaurant without seeming to endorse certain stereotypes.

Advertising is based on a sense of commonality and stereotypes. Effective companies know how to subvert a stereotype, whether through nostalgia or laughter. However, considering the contentious matter of Asian representation, the line between offensive and light-hearted banter is paper thin. As such, it is believed that Chinese restaurants have found their own successful marketing strategies.