Who’s the new Black guy with glasses in the new AXE deodorant commercials?

Lil Rel Howery fronts the AXE Bathsculine bodywash commercials, which have received much attention because of their appeal when they are on television.

In April 2019, AXE began to promote the then newly launched bodywash for men with the promotional campaign for Bathsculine. The promotional strategy was to show that real men do take baths, and not just showers. Moreover, that taking baths does not have an effect on one’s masculinity, despite the popular misconception.

The commercials were fronted by popular American-born actor and stand-up comedian, Lil Rel Howery. For the promotional campaign, the company released an estimated six commercials, which were all fronted by Howery. The first one that was made available on YouTube saw the comedian almost suggesting that he drinks his bathwater. The last commercial was of Howery being emphatic that real men take baths with bubbles.

The commercials have received much attention because of how appealing they are. The comments on the various commercials that are available on YouTube claim that some people re-watched the commercials immediately after they aired on television.

Watch the commercial below.