Who’s the girl in mom dance K-pop cricket commercials?

The girl in the Cricket Wireless K-pop commercial’s identity has not been revealed, and has been made more difficult to confirm because of the commercial’s comments being disabled.

On Friday, 29 January 2021, Cricket Wireless released one of its new commercials to promote some of its latest telecommunications deals. The commercial is based on a mother receiving her new smartphone from Cricket Wireless.

Thereafter, she begins to post and host live sessions via her social media pages. While her followers are appreciative of her active presence on social media, one person that is not so appreciative is her teenage daughter. Therefore, when the mother receives another favourable comment while her daughter is watching her, the teenager is evidently annoyed.

The actors’ identities have not been publicly confirmed yet. Moreover, the commercial that was posted on YouTube could have seen the actors being named or identified in the comments section, however, that option was disabled. Therefore, the actors are still unknown.

Watch the commercial below.