Who plays the coach in Old Spice commercial?

Old Spice has continued its successful partnership with acclaimed actor and former football wide receiver, Isaiah Amir Mustafa, as he is featured in an Old Spice commercial with Kevin Hart.

Old Spice, in November 2020, debuted a commercial that features American comedian and actor, Kevin Hart, in a skit with American actor and former football wide receiver, Isaiah Amir Mustafa. The commercial sees the two having a discussion in the locker room as basketballer players that are losing dismally.

Mustafa appears to be a confused coach, based on the authority he holds in the scene. However, when listening to the dialogue in the scene, Hart categorically states that they do not have a coach. This leads to Mustafa assuming the role of the coach to help him overcome his excessive perspiration problems.

The return of Mustafa to the Old Spice brand marks an on-and-off partnership between him and Old Spice. Mustafa is the face behind arguably one of the most iconic Old Spice commercials, which was released over 10 years ago but remains memorable.

Watch the Old Spice commercial below.