Who played the trumpet in the new Taco Bueno commercial?

Taco Bueno, despite having its commercials from the 1990s and 1980s available online, has not published its most recent commercials online, making it difficult to confirm the identities of those who star in them.

Taco Bueno has some of the most popular commercials from the 1980s and 1990s, which are currently available on various YouTube channels. However, its commercials from the 2000s are rare to find online. One of the reasons for that may be that the fast food company is focusing on differentiating its marketing and advertising strategy for social media from its television one. This means that the company sometimes creates commercials specifically meant for television.

In this instance, the disadvantage of made-for-television commercials is that certain details and information on the commercial are difficult to confirm. When a commercial is not shared on social media, there is no room for engagement and interactions.

It is through the aforementioned that the details of the commercial are often explored and discussed. Therefore, the identity of the man that played the trumpet in the new Taco Bueno commercial is unknown to the public at this point.