Who is the redhead in the Aaron’s rent-to-own commercial?

The redhead woman in the Aaron’s rent-to-own commercial’s identity has not been revealed by the company yet, and her identity is difficult to determine because of the comments being disabled.

In December 2020, Aaron’s released a series of commercials fronted by an interracial couple. The commercials see an African-American man being paired with a Caucasian woman, with their odd quirks evidently being complementary.

The man comes across as laid-back, while the woman appears to be detailed and neurotic. In one of the commercials, the man is seen lounging on the couch and watching something on a new flat screen television. The woman then walks in and questions where he got the television. He then explains that he got it from Aaron’s at a great deal.

The identity of the actors in the series of commercials has not been publicly confirmed yet. Moreover, the commercial that is available on YouTube could have indicated the identity thereof. However, the commercial’s comments have been disabled, therefore, their identities remain unknown.

Watch the commercial below.