Who is the pregnant woman in the Citibank snowman family commercial?

There is no word on the identity of the actress playing the pregnant woman in the Citibank snowman family commercial, and it is currently not available for online viewing.

Citibank has managed to create touching commercials for television over the years. One of its most memorable ones to date is one of a woman finding an interesting way to let her husband know that they are expecting their first child.

In the touching 30-second commercial, the woman in question is first shown doing her errands and what is assumed to be Christmas shopping. The woman then visits a clothing store and a fresh produce market to shop with her Citibank card to earn rewards.

Thereafter, the commercial cuts to her husband arriving home to find that his wife has erected three snowmen to symbolise her, her husband and the baby they are expecting. The commercial ends with a touching moment between the husband and wife.

However, the identity of the wife is still unknown. Citibank has not made the commercial available for online viewing, where the identities of the actors in the commercial are easier to establish.