Who is the grandma on the scooter in the stunts Liberty Mutual commercial?

The elderly woman who stars in the Liberty Mutual stunts commercial’s identity has not been publicly disclosed, despite the availability of the commercial on YouTube.

In December 2020, Liberty Mutual released the second instalment of commercials as part of the “Something To Help You Remember” campaign. The first commercial was meant to ignite a sense of nostalgia within viewers, but it fell flat in terms of relatability.

The second and most recent commercial incorporates stunts. The premise is explained by the Liberty Mutual consultant, who claims that research has shown that people remember commercials with exciting stunts. Thereafter, the commercial leads to a secondary world of a family that is put through the stunts.

In the secondary world, a mother bursts through the window of her home while glued to a Liberty Mutual commercial. Her son then glides in through the kitchen island, accompanied by an explosive erupting around. Lastly, an elderly woman assuming the role of the grandmother breaks through the wall on her mobility scooter. Despite the commercial being available on YouTube, the identity of the actors is still unknown.

Watch the commercial below.