Who is the girl in the Vitafusion commercial?

Alli Brown is the female that fronts most of the Vitafusion commercials, which have gained much traction for the comedic elements that the actress and content creator includes.

Vitafusion commercials are known for their highly saturated and colourful nature. To add to the light-heartedness, a personality that has become synonymous with the commercials is actress, comedian, and content producer, Alli Brown. Brown’s name is not as publicised as the other celebrity names that are part of the Vitafusion family, but her 2018 commercial is still one of the most memorable from the company.

Despite Brown having worked with the company since 2018, the brand introduced two other celebrity ambassadors in 2019. On the day of the news of the addition of the two new ambassadors, Laurie Kirchner, who is the Director of Marketing, stated, “We are thrilled that actress and author, Diane Guerrero, and artist and activist, Ed Massey, have joined our mission this year, as they share the same passion of providing fresh, nutritious fruit to those who may not normally have access.”

The two newly announced ambassadors did not make as much of an impact in their commercials. However, they still partake in the company’s marketing campaigns by visiting sites and sharing longer-form videos that are published on YouTube. Brown, on the other hand, still features in most of the commercials, with her most memorable one being the 2018 commercial mentioned earlier.

In the commercial in question, Brown is not only featured in it, but she also voices it. The commercial seeks to emphasise why Vitafusion is a favourite in the multi-vitamin sector. Therefore, the commercial gives viewers a sensorial experience of the multi-vitamins. Brown’s feature is as the comic relief in the commercial, with one of the most memorable scenes being one of her headscarf with fruits and a Spanish-inspired outfit. It struck the perfect balance between being ridiculous and non-offensive.

Currently, the actress is focused on other acting endeavours, however, she still manages to surprise Vitafusion commercial fans through continuous features every now and then.

Watch the commercial below.