Who is the girl in the Sleep Number 360 commercial?

Paula Miranda has remained memorable for her role in the Sleep Number 360 commercial that was shot over three years ago, showcasing her waking up from a refreshing sleep.

Over three years ago, Sleep Number released a commercial that has remained one of its most memorable to date. The commercial was released to highlight the feature of the smart CES bed, which include adjustable temperature, bed angles, and a variety of other tricks that can be managed through a smart device.

The commercial features actress, model and mother, Paula Miranda. One of the scenes that might have helped cement Miranda as one of the most memorable leads from a Sleep Number commercial was the waking up sequence. In the commercial, following the artificial intelligence (AI) voice introducing herself and the bed, it cuts to a couple sleeping on the Sleep Number bed. Miranda’s face steals the spotlight when the commercial introduces sunlight and the sunrise gives her more light.

This was done to show how people should feel when they wake up. Unlike some commercials promoting the same product that might have the actor overexaggerating the act of waking up, the Sleep Number commercial seems to have adequately portrayed it.

Although Miranda does not speak during the commercial, she does leave a lasting impact on avid watchers of commercials. However, in recent Sleep Number commercials, the actors have been given speaking roles and have been more engaging with viewers.

Watch the commercial below.