Who is the girl in the Gillette SkinGuard advert?

Gillette Venus created a commercial to celebrate women, starring Bianca Schönhofer, who is now regarded as the first woman with vitiligo to have been featured in a Gillette Venus commercial.

Gillette has two branches that it focuses on when advertising its products. The first is the Gillette brand, which focuses on promoting shaving products for males, and the second is the Gillette Venus umbrella of the company. Gillette Venus focuses on shaving products for women.

The brand introduced the SkinGaurd range as a different shaving razor from those previously offered. The SkinGuard razors are said to have an additional feature to avoid possible scarring when shaving, which could lead to dark marks around sensitive areas.

In July 2019, the company was part of the trend of celebrating inclusivity in the manner in which it advertises its products. Therefore, the brand released a commercial titled “My Skin: My Stories.” The purpose of the commercial was to showcase the “real” female consumers that use the products, and to celebrate different bodies and experiences that their bodies have gone through.

The commercial starts off by introducing a woman that is reflecting on her scars from what is believed to be self-mutilation. The second character that is introduced is a new mother reflecting on her scar after her C-section procedure. Thereafter, a group of plus-size models are shown celebrating their stretch marks, and the last to be shown is a young girl with vitiligo celebrating her skin.

The young girl that made such an impact on the masses has been identified as Bianca Schönhofer. When the commercial was released, she was hailed as the first model to feature in a Gillette Venus commercial with her skin condition.

To reflect on the milestone, the model reportedly stated, “It’s important that ads show all the ideals of beauty. Ads should include all women, whether small, tall, curvy, slim, with disabilities… And of course, with vitiligo.”

Watch the commercial below.