Who is the girl in the Farmers Insurance commercial?

Famers Insurance released a commercial titled “Accident Forgiveness” in late 2020, which has received much attention for featuring Canadian-born actress, Nicole Muñoz, who currently stars in Van Helsing.

Farmers Insurance, as part of its InFammercials, released a commercial titled “Accident Forgiveness” on Monday, 7 September 2020. The commercial seeks to promote the popular insurance company’s car insurance policies. Therefore, the commercial features a young woman who had just crashed into a building; fortunately, she was covered by Farmers Insurance.

The commercial has received complimentary reviews for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the manner in which it was edited to suggest that the viewer is being transported back to the 1990s. Moreover, the actress that stars in the commercial has received attention for her likeability, as she is the protagonist in the commercial.

At first, people that viewed the commercial went on to the insurance company’s YouTube channel to watch the commercial again. Eventually, for television watchers, the protagonist’s face was then recognised as Nicole Muñoz. Muñoz’s latest work is as a recurring cast member in the popular sci-fi television series, Van Helsing. The 26-year-old actress assumes the role of Jack in the television series.

Farmers Insurance’s choice to continually cast popular actors in its commercials has become a trend that fans have come to expect. During the Thanksgiving and festive season, the company released a commercial that featured acclaimed American actor, J.K Simmons. He featured in the “Nothingversary” commercial, which was also hailed by avid followers of commercials. However, Simmons is not new to the Farmers Insurance brand, as he has not only starred in the commercials, but is also the voiceover artist for the company’s slogan at the end of every Farmers Insurance commercial.

Watch the commercial below.