Who is the girl from AT&T commercial?

Milana Vayntrub is the girl from the AT&T commercials who assumes the role of the contentious, but loved, character of Lily, making her an integral part of the AT&T brand.

Milana Vayntrub is the girl who plays Lily in the most recent and popular advertisement by telecommunications company, AT&T. The character of Lily has been beneficial for both parties; for the company, it has given it a “face” that is now synonymous with the brand. On the other hand, for Vayntrub, it has given her an opportunity to launch her acting career by introducing her to the masses.

While the highs have been fruitful for Vayntrub, the popularity of Lily has come back with some pitfalls. The actress started facing cyberbullying, as some social media users started circulating memes of edited images of her in an uncomfortable light.

Vayntrub was ready to give up the prominence and the role, but AT&T released a statement at the height of the cyberbullying and affirmed its solidarity and continued relationship with Vayntrub. True to form, the company subsequently released its latest advertisement starring the actress as Lily.