Who is the actress in the new Geico commercial?

The actress in the new GEICO Insurance commercial is Nicci Carr, but the actress that fronted one of the most popular commercials from the brand was Alexis Jacknow.

Nicci Carr is the actress that leads the new Geico commercial. The commercial debuted on Friday, 25 December 2020, titled Tag Team Helps With Dessert. In the commercial, a comical tag team comprising DC Glen and Stephen Gibson provides comical relief, as they use a basketball pop-culture reference during the commercial. The new advertisement follows one that managed to garner over 28 million views on YouTube for its relatable showcase of the reality of living with in-laws.

The commercial, titled Aunt Infestation, plays on the term “ant infestation.” Fronted by actress, Alexis Jacknow, and her on-screen husband, played by Damian Cecere, showcase their new spacious home, which only has an aunt infestation problem. In the commercial, the couple lives with three critical aunts,  and the arrival of the fourth as the commercial end suggests that more drama and commotion will ensue.

Watch the new Geico commercial below.