Who is the actress in the Kim Crawford Wines commercial?

Kim Crawford Wines released a commercial starring Faith Picozzi in 2018, which, to date, is still one of the most memorable of the few commercials released by the brand.

Kim Crawford Wines rarely releases commercials to promote its products. As is the case with most leading wine brands, the company does not rely on commercials and advertising to promote its wines. However, in March 2018, the brand did release a 30-second commercial that counts as one of its most recent long-form commercials.

The commercial showcases a soiree at the penthouse suite of the Kim Crawford building, which begins with three of the guests waiting for the elevator to take them up to the party. The group consists of a tall, lean man, a blonde woman assumed to be his partner, and a red-haired women dressed in a green jumpsuit in-between them.

When the trio reaches the top floor, they are spoilt to glasses of Kim Crawford Wines. Outside the building, the environment changes to match the mood of the party attendees in the penthouse. The commercial then cuts back to the woman in the green jumpsuit reuniting with a female friend, as they walk around the penthouse together. The slogan of the commercial is “Undo Ordinary.”

The red-haired woman in the commercial acts as the unmissable point of fascination, as the colour of her hair and the jumpsuit make her stand out as the protagonist. The aforementioned could explain the fascination with the identity of the actress, who has been identified as Faith Picozzi.

Faith Picozzi is a model, actress and a creative director. The model is signed to one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world, Wilhelmina in Los Angeles. Her notable acting credits are for jobs she did between 2011 and 2015, which makes the Kim Crawford Wines commercials one of her latest acting jobs, which saw her moving away from her regular modelling jobs and campaigns.

Watch the commercial below.