Who is the actor in the QuickBooks commercial?

QuickBooks has continued the use of a celebrity to endorse its offering, with acclaimed actor, director and producer, Danny DeVito, being the latest to star in one of its commercials. 

Legendary and acclaimed actor, Danny DeVito, is one of the celebrity endorsers of QuickBooks. The actor features in the latest edition of celebrity-led commercials by the accounting software package by Intuit. DeVito’s signature voice helps feed into providing a light-heartedness to the commercial, which focuses on how the software has made it easier for him to manage his businesses.

QuickBooks has continually used legendary actors to endorse its offering, despite them possibly not being known to the new generation. In 2019, QuickBooks, for its National Football League (NFL), tapped legendary actor and martial artist, Martin Krove, by referencing his most prolific role as John Krease in the popular martial art films, The Karate Kid. Instead of owning the karate school called Cobra Kai, in the commercial, he owns the Koala Kai Karate School.