Who is the actor in the Farmers Insurance commercials?

Jonathan Kimble “J.K.” Simmons is the actor that most people have associated with the Farmers Insurance commercials, due to his already prolific acting roles in film and television productions.

Jonathan Kimble Simmons, commonly known by his stage name, J.K Simmons, is the actor most associated with Farmers Insurance commercials. The prolific actor’s standout work with the insurance company dates as far back as 2018, when he shot the Farmers Insurance: Vengeful Vermin television commercial.

However, to date, he is still the recurring face in the company’s commercials. His most recent commercial was published in October 2020, titled Policy Perks: Nothingversary. In the commercial, Simmons surprises a Farmers Insurance client with a balloon to celebrate nothing of consequence, except that she is a loyal Farmers Insurance customer.

Although Simmons is memorable but does not have a standout role in any major production, he still works to the benefit of the insurance company. This means that in most cases, Simmons is associated with the insurance company, rather than a certain film or television character.

Watch the Farmers Insurance commercial below.