Who does the voiceover for Wingstop commercial?

Wingstop’s witty and unique adverts have taken US TV commercials by storm, but have you ever wondered who does the voiceover?

Founded in 1994, Wingstop is an American-based restaurant franchise that specializes in delivering a range of ‘made-to-crave’ chicken wings and prides itself in “serving the world FLAVOR”. Its unparalleled food experience can also be seen in a variety of laugh-out-loud commercials, such as the “Extra Ranch” advert which portrays the famous chicken wing franchise as unforgettable and a top priority, even before one’s children.

Another one of its infamous adverts is the “Lunch To Class” TV commercial that humorously promotes the Wingstop products by depicting a schoolteacher interrupting the lesson to ask each of her learners who ordered food after a Wingstop employee shows up. The advert concludes with a revelation that it was in fact the teacher who, in a sneaky and sly manner, had ordered the food. However, in both these clever and witty adverts, one question remains unclear to the audience, who does the voiceover for the Wingstop commercial?

Look no further, as the alluring voice that one can hear at the end of each advert is that of professional voiceover artist and actor, James T. William II, also known as Jim Titus. Born on the seventh of May 1981 in New York, Jim Titus has taken on the film and media industry by storm by serving as a professional voiceover artist and actor in a variety of American films and television shows. One might be able to also recognize Titus from the television series, Pretty Little Liars as Officer Barry Maple or even Fox’s The Mindy Project.

From his involvement in an array of projects, it is clear to see why this talented individual has made a unique impact on TV commercials in the US today.