Who does Microsoft pit itself against in the Surface Pro 7 commercial?

Microsoft released a commercial that compared its Surface Pro 7 to Apple’s MacBook Pro, clearly highlighting the Surface Pro 7 as the better choice between the two.

Microsoft decided to pit itself against Apple in its recently released Surface Pro 7 commercial. In the ad, which has been tapped as one of the most exciting electronics commercials to have been released, Microsoft positioned its Surface Pro 7 as the better choice relative to Apple’s MacBook Pro.

The ad features a teenage boy detailing all the different ways in which the Surface Pro 7 is better than the MacBook Pro. The Surface Pro 7’s stylus pen and touchscreen feature have been noted as some of its drawcards. Moreover, the screen on the Pro 7 is detachable, while the MacBook Pro’s screen is not. Additionally, the Pro 7 is said to have a longer battery life.

Before discussing how Microsoft smartly showed that there really is no competition between the two brands, it is important to note how Apple has positioned itself in the electronic space, relative to its competitors. Apple products are often been promoted as lifestyle choices, rather than actual product being sold, which is not the case with other electronic brands. Therefore, when buying an Apple product, it is not necessarily for the product, but rather, to be a part of the Apple community.

The ad used the price difference as the main reason to purchase the Surface Pro 7 over a MacBook Pro. Microsoft reduced the price of the device to make it comparatively competitive to the MacBook Pro. Therefore, the actual reason for a person to buy the Surface Pro 7, rather than the MacBook Pro, should be the price, according to the ad.