Where was the GEICO pirate commercial filmed?

The GEICO pirate commercial was shot in a studio, however, the location thereof has not been revealed by Martin Agency, which is behind GEICO’s marketing and advertising campaigns.

One of the most memorable GEICO Insurance commercials that was created without GEICO’s mascot, Gecko, was the “Pirate Ship Parrot” commercial. The commercial was first published back in 2016, and is still considered amongst some of the most iconic commercials.

The “Pirate Ship Parrot” commercial was inspired by the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. Therefore, the ominous and dangerous feeling of the commercial was intentional. In the commercial, a group of pirates, led by their leader, overtake a ship. The leader of the pirates has a parrot that mimics everything that he says.

Initially, the parrot merely repeats what the pirate is saying verbatim. However, it then begins to continue repeating words that the pirate said in confidence. The parrot also reveals that he plans to keep the treasure from the ship all to himself and not share it with the rest of his crew. The revelation turns the crew against the pirate, with viewers being left to wonder what happens afterwards.

The location of the commercial is most likely a studio, however, that has not been confirmed. The advertising agency that is behind most of GEICO’s commercials is Martin Agency. The agency is based in Richmond, Virginia. Moreover, the GEICO Insurance headquarters are located in Chevy Chase, Maryland. It is unlikely that the commercial was at either venues because of cities not being able to handle a production of that scale.

Such a commercial would most probably have been filmed in a studio located in Hollywood. Seeing as the commercial was inspired by Pirates Of The Caribbean, then the company may have used the pre-production templates used by the film too.

Watch the commercial below.