Where was Marshawn Lynch’s entire Subway commercial filmed?

While there has been no formal confirmation of the location in question, it is believed that Marshawn Lynch’s tire Subway commercial was filmed in California amid the pandemic.

In January 2020, news of the partnership between National Football League (NFL) veteran, Marshawn Lynch, and Subway was confirmed. The confirmation formed part of the marketing strategy for the commercial fronted by Lynch.

The commercial in question features Lynch promoting the foot-long Double Pro offering and the Protein Bowl from Subway. In the commercial, Lynch starts off training in an empty field with a truck’s tire. He then appears lifting and turning the tire, before unexpectedly slotting himself into the crevice of the tire. He then manages to spin the tire until he arrives at a Subway outlet, where he orders his Double Pro and Protein Bowl meal before he spins himself away again in the tire.

Following the release of the commercial, many questioned the location of the Subway outlet in it. Unfortunately, there has been no formal confirmation of the location of the Subway outlet featured in the commercial. However, Lynch’s partnership with Subway was not the only one that he announced in the build-up to the Super Bowl LV.

Another partnership that Lynch announced was his continued working relationship with chips company, Fritolay. Lynch remains the storyteller in the recent series of commercials by the brand, which see other NFL legends and veterans offering comical insight on what takes place the night before the Super Bowl. This commercial was reportedly shot in Oakland, California.

Therefore, it is believed that the Subway commercial fronted by Lynch was also shot in California. Moreover, it is likely because the commercials were shot during the pandemic, therefore, long distance travelling was prohibited.