Where is the island in the Allstate commercial?

Allstate, in October 2020, released a picturesque commercial showcasing the simplicity of living in a close-knit community, which was reportedly shot between Ona and Husøy in Norway.

Leading American insurance company, Allstate, in October 2020, released what is arguably one of its most memorable commercials to date. The Island: 60 Allstate commercial features a man that lives in a picturesque town, where he runs all his errands for the day and complete them before his kettle has boiled on the stove. Two of his errands are getting dinner and surprising his wife with flowers.

The commercial initially received attention for the simplicity of the portrayed lifestyle. The comments section of the commercial on YouTube is currently filled with positive feedback. One person noted, “This is my idea of heaven. I would love to live there.”

The commercial was reportedly shot between Ona and Husøy in Norway, and leaves viewers with the perception that it is one quaint town, when, in reality, the portrayed town is fictional.

Watch the Allstate commercial below.