Where is the Chantix commercial filmed?

Chantix commercials were initially presented in a testimonial style at the residences of consumers, however, the brand then introduced a mascot because of various spoofs of the initial format.

Chantix initially promoted its products through commercials presented as testimonials. The commercials generally featured a satisfied customer who had stopped smoking after using the brand’s tablets. The commercials also incorporated scenes of how the customers’ lives have changed for the better since they stopped smoking.

Due to the format of the initial commercials, they ultimately sparked spoof variations. Some of the most notable parodies were the series of spoofs created by popular comedy show, Saturday Night Live (SNL). The comedy show created spoofs of the supposed detrimental side-effects of taking Chantix, which were worse than the impact of continuing to smoke. Moreover, the spoofs made light of the calm female voice that narrated the commercials.

This is not to suggest that the spoofs were the reason that the company began to abandon the testimonial-style commercials and, instead, introduced a mascot to feature in the commercials. The mascot was devised by Behance, an advertising agency that explained the creation of the turkey Chantix mascot.

Behance stated, “The Mill+ team, led by Creative Director Jeffrey Dates, worked closely with Y&R and Chantix team to collaborate on the final character design, while introducing endearing character moments into the script for both narrative and creative effects. The Mill’s VFX team had to create nearly 1 000 digital feathers, styling each of them with the natural look and movements of a real-life turkey.”

Nowadays, the commercials place the turkey in various situations, from camping to residential areas. The mascot continues to try out new experiences whilst using Chantix. Despite changing the testimonial style of the commercials, they still have the same narrator and a listing of the possible side-effects of the products.

Watch the commercial below.