Where is the beach in the Corona commercial?

Corona has gained much traction for its ‘Beach Paradise’ commercial settings that have kept beer drinkers wanting more, but where is this picturesque beach located?

Corona beer is the number one exported alcohol brand in the US. It is known for its popular beach commercials that often feature major celebrities and open with a scene straight out of paradise, such as a couple sipping on an ice-cold Corona and overlooking a beautiful blue beach. This scenic image is a representation of why Corona is consumed by many, they are selling more than just a beer; they are selling an experience. So, can life get any better than that?

The answer to that is yes! By visiting the famous Corona commercial location, one can gain a real-life experience of actually drinking a cold Corona whilst sitting on a beach without having to imagine it. To do so, one may need to visit both Long Beach, California and Tulum, Mexico.

These two prominent beaches have been at the centre of many Corona commercials and can be seen in the advert with American rapper, Snoop Dogg who partnered with the beer brand’s La Vidas Mas Fina campaign.

In the commercial, Snoop Dogg enjoys a Corona beer at the beach while encouraging people to enjoy the finer things in life, “You can’t choose everything in life, but you can still choose the fine in life.” So, for those holidaymakers and beer drinkers seeking the fine life, all it takes is a cold beer in the hand and a trip to Long Beach or Tulum.

Watch Corona’s La Vidas Mas Fina commercial below.