When did the Jake from State Farm commercial air?

The latest State Farm commercial featuring Jake from State Farm first aired during the Super Bowl LV, revealing rapper, Drake, as one of the celebrity ambassadors of the insurance company.

Jake from State Farm has been the face of the insurance company since he started appearing in the commercials in 2011. Ten years later, the mascot is still part of the company’s marketing and promotional strategy and campaigns. Therefore, it made sense for him to lead the cast of State Farm’s Super Bowl LV commercial, which premiered on the biggest night for television commercials in the United States (US).

The title of the Super Bowl LV commercial is “Drake from State Farm,” and features the mascot. Moreover, it showcases the star power that the insurance company could amass into a single commercial. This was in line with the trend for commercials that were released during that period, which prompted laughter from viewers.

The commercial sees the State Farm ambassadors on set to shoot the Super Bowl LV commercial and comparing their stand-ins. The ambassadors include Jake from State Farm, along with the National Football League’s (NFL) Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes II. The humour in the commercial lies in the vast difference between the actual ambassadors and the stand-ins chosen for them.

In the commercial, Rodgers’ stand-in is acclaimed actor, Adrian Martinez, who appears wearing a cheesehead. Paul Rudd is then revealed as the stand-in for Mahomes, with the only similarities between the two being the clothes worn. In true Rule Of Three comedy style, before Jake from State Farm can finish his statement about not having a stand-in, Drake from State Farm enters the set. Drake from State Farm happens to be popular rapper, Drake, which leaves Jake surprised by the revelation. The two act as the last comedic moment, as they compete to provide the closing line of the commercial.

Watch the commercial below.