What’s the song in the skiing ostrich commercial?

In the 2000s, a Japanese-shot commercial raised eyebrows for showcasing an ostrich skiing, which was followed up by a commercial of three ostriches skiing.

In the early 2000s, a commercial featuring an ostrich skiing captured the attention of television viewers. The commercial gained traction due to the realistic portrayal of a skiing ostrich, which led to questions on whether ostriches are able to ski in real life.

In 2004, another commercial was released, this time, of three ostriches skiing together in a synchronised routine. The commercial also gained much traction, however, it then came to light that the company behind the commercials was a Japanese one. For some, this explained the meticulous special effects used to make it realistic.

Another aspect that was questioned was the song. The song is believed to be a sample from a music library that was adapted for the purpose of the commercials.

Watch the commercial below.