What were the mama’s boy commercials they played on TV during the basketball tournament?

The mama’s boy commercials that played on television were for Campbell’s Chunk Soup, and showed the mother dressed as the mascot of the football team her son plays for.

Some of the most memorable commercials released by Campbell’s were the series of mama’s boy commercials from the early 2010s. One of the most memorable of those commercials featured popular  United States (US) National Football League’s (NFL) sportsman, Victor Cruz.

In the 30-second commercial, Cruz’s mother surprises him, whilst he is playing, with a bowl of Campbell’s Chunk Soup. However, his mother is dressed in disguise as the mascot of the team that Cruz is playing for. Initially, Cruz’s mother denies that it is her following him after he recognises her. However, Cruz is adamant that it is his mother, and she eventually confesses.

The plot twist in the commercial happens when the mascot falls over and it is revealed that it is not only Cruz’s mother in disguise, but also his grandmother. She had also sneaked onto the field with the mother, both in the mascot’s suit.

Watch the commercial below.