What type of blanket is in the Snuggle dryer sheet commercial with the bear?

The type of blanket used in the Snuggle dryer sheets commercial, in reference to the material, is unknown; however, it is believed that the commercial made use of commonly available blankets.

Snuggle fabric softener has used the same mascot for over three decades, Snuggles, who is the teddy bear that continues to be the face of the brand. Over the years that Snuggles has been with the brand, the only glaring change is the growth in his voice and size.

These days, Snuggles does not front the commercials, but he does feature in them. Usually, the teddy bear is showcased solving the issues of fans that have written in asking for advice. The latest commercial does not feature the bear, instead, it shows a couple folding their laundry and blankets.

In the commercial, the husband asks how long his wife believes the clothes will keep their colour for. The wife suggests until their old, which is proven true in the time lapsed montage that follows. In the shot, the bed covers continually change. Moreover, the sheets seem to be popular bed covers which are cost-effective.

Watch the commercial below.