What kind of dog is in the Idaho Potato commercial?

Idaho Potato has used pure-bred bloodhounds as Farmer Mark’s furry companions in its commercials, with Otis and his son, Cecil, forming part of the ongoing narrative.

Idaho Potato uses Farmer Mark as the lead in its commercials. Farmer Mark’s initial furry best friend was Otis, a pure-bred bloodhound. However, in the latest series of commercials documenting Farmer Mark’s pursuit of the potato truck, he has a new travelling partner, Cecil. Cecil is the son of Otis and, therefore, is believed to be of the same breed.

In detailing Cecil’s biography, the Idaho Potato website states, “Hello Cecil! Cecil is Otis’ son. For those of you who have been following the (Idaho Potato Company) IPC’s commercial for the last eight years, Otis was the original hound. He has retired and is living on a nice farm in Eastern Idaho. Cecil made his first appearance in the 2018 television commercials and did a great job replacing his dad. We expect Cecil will be alongside Mark the Farmer in all his adventures for many years to come.”

Watch the Idaho Potato commercial below.