What kind of car is in the new Allstate commercial with the Pet Shop Boys song?

The brand of the convertible in Allstate’s latest commercial is unknown, as the convertible has a fake emblem that incorporates a woman who later comes to life to perform a duet. 

On Monday, 8 February 2021, Allstate released its latest music-led commercial. The commercial was released under the title “Duet.” However, the significance of the title is only clear after watching the full commercial.

The commercial features a man taking a long drive on an open road. During his drive, he receives a notification message detailing what he has received from Allstate. He is so overjoyed by this; that he turns up the volume and blasts the song playing in the car. In a surprising turn of events, the convertible’s emblem comes alive and begins to sing a duet with the owner of the car. The commercial ends with a high angle shot as the car drives away beyond the view of the camera.

The make of the convertible used in the commercial is never explained in it, nor does the commercial provide indicators to determine the make of the car. The reason for this is that the commercial makes use of a convertible which has a modified emblem to include the female that sings along to the Pet Shop Boys’ hit single, Opportunities.

While the front angle of the convertible has sparked confusion on the model of the car used, it is speculated to be a BMW 4 model. It is believed to be a 2020 BMW 4 Series for two main reasons; the first being the side profile of the car, which is shown before the commercial cuts to the interior of the car. Based on the detail on the rear-view mirror and the lines of the convertible, it appears to be a modified version of the speculated car. Secondly, the interior of the convertible and the details shown further suggest that it is a BMW 4 Series.

Watch the commercial below.