What Keiynan Lonsdale’s partnership with Old Spice signifies

Old Spice has done something monumental, yet subtle, with the release of the newest Old Spice Dynasty commercial, which features Keiynan Lonsdale as the lead.

Old Spice released the Old Spice Dynasty commercial on Thursday, 28 January 2021. The commercial still makes use of the voice of the “original Old Spice guy,” Isaiah Amir Mustafa. Mustafa features as the prominent commentator, as his signature baritone has remained a talking point over the years. However, the lead in the new commercial is actor, dancer and singer-songwriter, Keiynan Lonsdale.

The commercial starts off with Lonsdale and his friends acting as couch potatoes. However, it seems that Lonsdale happens to use Old Spice Dynasty for as his fragrance of choice. Whilst Lonsdale is sitting with his friends and watching television, the Old Spice Dynasty is activated. The result is Lonsdale shedding his “couch potato skin” and breaking out as a race car driver. Lonsdale’s comical salutation is to indicate that he will never forget his friends.

In light of the release of the commercial, Lonsdale took to his social media pages to celebrate his features as one of the ambassadors of the popular fragrance brand. In his post, the Love, Simon actor humorously referenced Mustafa’s most memorable line, “Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me.”

The use of the personality bares more significance when understanding the cultural shift that Lonsdale has had in the mainstream film industry. Lonsdale’s break into the industry was as an actor that has taken on queer characters. He first starred as the lead’s love interest in Love, Simon, and his subsequent role was in the Netflix dance film, Work It.

Therefore, his inclusion in the Old Spice commercial has shifted the perception that the Old Spice brand is solely for masculine personalities like Mustafa and Terry Crews.

Watch Old Spice’s Winner commercial below.